Client Outreach

For more than 15 years, I have produced timely and engaging press releases for various companies and non profit organizations.

Professional correspondence isn’t easy to draft. Organizing thoughts, ensuring those are clearly conveyed and solicit a response is why many companies rely on professional writers even for standard correspondence.

Email marketing drives page views and sales. With millennials in the job force, the preference for information receipt is digital.

I’ve supported marketing efforts, editing and publicity for additional industries including:

  • Beauty and Makeup
  • Technology
  • Product Description
  • Young Adult and Children’s Book – Beta Reader
  • Jewelry (retail)
  • Resume and Career Development

Buyers and business professionals engage in email marketing campaigns on a daily basis.

The right marketing helps you get noticed and gain clients

And you can’t deny stats claiming email marketing offers a median ROI of approximately 122%, according to a recent article on

Hiring a professional marketing copywriter ensures your messages are received and acted upon.

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