Editing & Design

Your image depends on clear copy and clean designs.

Every piece of paper or digital message that goes out provides an instant impression to those who read it.

Helping people deliver the best message possible makes me happy. Whether it’s proofing someone’s wedding toast, assisting with resume development or a children’s book, constructive feedback is important as a beta reader

Raffi and Friends – The Mystery of the Magic Glasses

I’ve worked with companies to highlight their benefits and touch client pain points through brochure and informational flyer design.

My years of experience aids in my ability to manage time, produce effective marketing copy, influence potential customers’ outlook and deliver on deadline.

MB Pro Writer

OPP Offers Targeted Boost Services

Touchscreen Directories Serve as Digital Concierge

Wayfinding Software Improves Patient Journey in Healthcare Facilities

Concierge Flyer

While many print advertisements serve a dual purpose with digital formats, both require elements of design and copy that will convey your story and pitch at a glance.

Whether you advertising is instant through social media or through other mediums, developing impactful messaging requires professional copywritng.