“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

– Joe Chernov, CMO at Insight Squared

Quality writing makes an impact and changes views.

Balancing helpful, quality content with influential marketing initiatives allows your customers to see your firm as a trusted industry leader.

Consumers buy from trusted sources.





Client Work

My copy writing reflects the client’s tone through in depth research and discussions specific to each clients’ needs. Each piece is developed with a clear goal and the client’s target audience in mind.

I’ve supported marketing efforts, editing and publicity for additional industries including:

  • Technology
  • Product Description
  • Young Adult Book – Beta Reader
  • Jewelry (retail)
  • Resume and Career Development

I’m also a current member of Wiesbaden Community Spouses Club, a non profit organization that serves the military and DoD community in Wiesbaden, Germany. This group has raised and given more than $170,000 in Gifts and Grands and scholarships to the community.

I serve as the Publicity Chairperson for the Club, working with local media and organizations, leading and arranging outreach efforts and managing social media.




For more than 20 years, I wrote for newspapers, PR firms, non profit groups and niche industry leaders from dimensional inspection to digital signage. Honing my skills to inform, and often persuade, consumers to take action.

Key avenues to reach your audience include: blogs, newsletters and social media content.

Blogging is no longer a nice-to-have feature for businesses. Developing relevant and engaging copy on a regular basis is a necessity.

I’ve developed blog copy for

Newsletters function well for internal and external communication.

During my year (2017) as Council President for All Saints Lutheran Church in Bowie, MD, I contributed monthly reports/articles. Prior to my role as president, I contributed smaller articles.

Contributing writer for a newsletter – see President’s Report:

December 2017

November 2017

October 2017

September 2017

August 2017

July 2017


Client Outreach

For more than 15 years, I have produced timely and engaging press releases for various companies and non profit organizations.

Examples of previous releases:

Two Significant Additions FORMING A Business Systems Practice

STEM Girls Event Annapolis

Dageno Girls School Receives Help from Annapolis Businesses and Residents

Outdoor Shopping Center Goes Digital with Signage

Professional correspondence isn’t easy to draft. Organizing thoughts, ensuring those are clearly conveyed and solicit a response is why many companies rely on professional writers even for standard correspondence.

Email marketing drives page views and sales. With millennials in the job force, the preference for information receipt is digital.

Buyers and business professionals engage in email marketing campaigns on a daily basis.

And you can’t deny stats claiming email marketing offers a median ROI of approximately 122%, according to a recent article on Forbes.com.

Hiring a professional marketing copywriter ensures your messages are received and acted upon.

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Editing & Design

Your image depends on clear copy and clean designs.

Every piece of paper or digital message that goes out provides an instant impression to those who read it.

Helping people deliver the best message possible makes me happy. Whether it’s proofing someone’s wedding toast, assisting with resume development or a children’s book, constructive feedback is important as a beta reader

Raffi and Friends – The Mystery of the Magic Glasses

I’ve worked with companies to highlight their benefits and touch client pain points through brochure and informational flyer design.

My years of experience aids in my ability to manage time, produce effective marketing copy, influence potential customers’ outlook and deliver on deadline.

MB Pro Writer

OPP Offers Targeted Boost Services

Touchscreen Directories Serve as Digital Concierge

Wayfinding Software Improves Patient Journey in Healthcare Facilities

Concierge Flyer

While many print advertisements serve a dual purpose with digital formats, both require elements of design and copy that will convey your story and pitch at a glance.

Whether you advertising is instant through social media or through other mediums, developing impactful messaging requires professional copywritng.


News Articles

Beginning at age 12, I wanted to be Barbara Walters. My years in journalism started in high school and progressed into my mid 20s when I made the move to MarCom.

Nothing compared to news writing. I loved being in the thick of community news and getting to know our neighbors.

Some of my news articles can be found here:

The Doings – Hinsdale, IL

Statue Symbolizes Growing Relationships

Additional Articles Coming Soon

North County Suburban Journals – Hazelwood, MO

Coming Soon

Casa Grande Valley Newspapers, Inc. – Casa Grande, AZ

Drug treatment can keep users out of court, prison systems

Drug, alcohol, tobacco problems find way into smaller towns, rural areas

Some drawn to Arizona by availability, transit of drugs

Treasured Hands Celebrates 5th Birthday

TriValleyCentral.com Selected in Top 10

BHACA opens its doors to new facility

The GAP widens at Tanger

Eastern Illinois University – Charleston, IL

We Are Family 

Greek Community Wins Service Award (page 6)

Simulated Air Assault Scheduled for Today (page 3A)

Online Service Helps Students Get Jobs (page 5)