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Easy Ways to Improve Your Customer Engagement

In-Person Events or Promotions

As a food, beverage and hospitality business, one of the best ways to connect with current and new customers is through live, in-person events. That first impression of your establishment, staff, menu and service forms their decision to return.

Use these events to interact with customers. Word of mouth and personal experience are still the best forms of advertising and promotion!

  • Distribute or provide links to satisfaction surveys
  • Share hashtag uses related to your business and share to your social media.
  • Post images or live stream portions of the event
  • Comment on customer’s social media which mentions your business

During this time, large events, and some dine-in options, are not possible and businesses everywhere are learning to adapt to meet their customer needs while keeping safe. Always adhere to your local guidelines for a safe and fun environment.

Social Media

Social media marketing can easily take over your life. Yes, it’s important, but what you post and how often mostly depends on your ideal audience and what you can do CONSISTANTLY with relevant messaging and without overtaxing yourself.

  • Post on the social media platforms where your audience is located
  • Post at least once every 10 days.
  • Posts can include photos, brief updates or special announcements to even holiday messages.
  • Repurpose content when you can, but keep information relevant

Email Campaigns

Emails are a great way to be in front of your customer. Before you get started on an email campaign, your customers must opt in for receiving messages from you via email. There are a variety of email service providers out there with free or low-cost options for businesses.

Check out the various options, including the list below, to find which provider makes sense for your business. Then, create a landing page on your site for people to find your offer and sign up.

Email marketing varies for different industries. If you would like to bring your customers on a sales journey, it’s advised to sent at least three emails as part of a sales funnel sequence to consistently inform customers about your services and encourage them to buy from you.

For more ‘soft sell’ kind of outreach, businesses should send monthly newsletters that share information, upcoming promotions, relevant images/photos and other stories related to enhancing your customer experience.

Through your email service provider or your website, you will be able to track the success of each campaign by verifying the number of people who subscribe, who go to your site pages and ultimately who becomes a customer.

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