What Your Business Can Learn During COVID-19 Pandemic

People everywhere share in the overwhelming changes and challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year. From cancelled celebrations to school doors and businesses closing, people around the globe are trying to hold onto any sense of normalcy. But after a full year into this historic time, we’re not anywhere near normal. LikeContinue reading “What Your Business Can Learn During COVID-19 Pandemic”

Content Marketing – More Than Blogs

Content marketing shares valuable information to your customers and potential customers. It’s main goals include: drive site traffic, obtain brand recognition and get your company viewed as trusted source of products and services. Most businesses automatically think blogs are the best tool to move their content marketing strategy forward. While it is a great tool, itContinue reading “Content Marketing – More Than Blogs”

Freelancers: An Expense or An Investment?

When small businesses think of hiring a freelancer for content marketing or website development, there is always hesitation. While freelancers often enhance businesses, many view the hiring as an unnecessary expense. Let’s get over that initial balk and learn how hiring a outside writer can benefit your organization. Take Off Your Writer Hat As aContinue reading “Freelancers: An Expense or An Investment?”

The Secret Weapon in Your Marketing Toolbox

Newsletters aren’t what they used be, and that’s a good thing. Like many outreach methods, the newsletter evolved in order to survive the digital world. Where social media allows immediate sharing of information reaching broad audiences, newsletters allow for prolonged exposure to targeted audiences with consistent messaging. Savvy marketing professionals realize organizations can focus onContinue reading “The Secret Weapon in Your Marketing Toolbox”

5 Simple Tools to Help Small Businesses Save Time And Money

As a small business owner, I am often pulled in many directions at once. I love tools that help simplify my daily routine and improve my productivity while not affecting my bottom line. Investing time, money and effort into software and training helps propel my business into a high-production mode. Here’s a few of myContinue reading “5 Simple Tools to Help Small Businesses Save Time And Money”