I help you get the attention you deserve.

The hospitality service industry is brutal – not every restaurateur, bed and breakfast or microbrewery makes it. You have to fight for your right….to thrive!

When you’re in the business of providing memorable experiences for customers, going all in isn’t an option. Your reputation and growth depends on your unique ability make customers feel welcomed, comfortable and coming back for more.

For more than 20 years, I worked in the hospitality industry getting my hands dirty with roles from bartending to banquet event planning and sales. It’s an industry with a lot of heart and even more blood, sweat and tears to build and maintain success.

While many companies and large franchises have dollars to toss into sales and promotions, most small businesses must be more selective in their advertising spending.

Here’s the thing though – I’m not a hard-sales writer. Nope.  I’m a story teller. I help your clients, and potential clients, through building your brand story and voice then  SING IT LOUD to your customers.

I write content and outreach materials that build trust, provide helpful information and establish your business as go-to in the industry. Consider it more of a ‘soft sell’ marketing campaign with strong content that impacts customers.

Quality content helps businesses strengthen customer relationships, improve website traffic and enhance social media presence.  

Along with my years in the hospitality industry, I’ve worked for more than two decades in journalism, public relations, marketing and outreach development. Through those roles, I learned that the brand message and customer relationship is as important as hard hitting sales pitches.

Targeted marketing and media coverage contribute to the success of any firm, with any budget. No matter the industry customers want the same thing – to be understood!

I work with you to create detailed marketing pieces and campaigns to increase your market reach, engage with customers and showcase your talent.  


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