What Your Business Can Learn During COVID-19 Pandemic

People everywhere share in the overwhelming changes and challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year.

From cancelled celebrations to school doors and businesses closing, people around the globe are trying to hold onto any sense of normalcy. But after a full year into this historic time, we’re not anywhere near normal.

Like you, my days involve a lot more web surfing and scrolling. Among the many stories about the tragedies stemming from this pandemic, I’ve seen so many heartwarming stories of people aiding and supporting each other. Those concepts aren’t that different from the concepts we can be applying to our businesses.


Across the world, people are responding to the diminishing medical supplies, food concerns and and even animal care.

Employees of the Paradise Park Zoo in Britain secluded themselves with the animals to ensure their care. Families and friends are driving by the homes of loved ones to wish them happy birthday or just to cheer their spirits.

Schools and teachers developed virtual classrooms and private sessions to ensure students are keeping up with their studies. Some even create reassuring videos so the students don’t feel alone.

Business meetings, fitness instructors and school classes are using various technology tools to maintain connection and build on previous lessons.

Businesses and schools are equipping their teams with remote capabilities and offering flexible work schedules. Independence and connections are building simultaneously.

Business Takeaway – Tune-in to what your customer needs and find a way to adapt as the needs change.

Community is Everything

Singing from balconies, decorating stones and windows, writing encouraging messages in sidewalk chalk, buying gift certificates and ordering takeout – six weeks ago we had no idea these simple actions could be lifting a community’s spirit and saving a business.

People everywhere are stepping up to ensure the sense of community remains in tact, in some places, even strengthened.

We’ve heard that big box stores don’t support your town’s sport teams. It’s true, but companies of every size are finding ways to connect and offer some kind of reassurance during this time.

Small businesses, churches, non profits and even large corporations are bringing a personal touch (from a safe social distance) to their outreach messaging.

Business Takeaway – Nurture your client relationships so you become a reliable source when the need arises.

Fulfill the Need

Companies everywhere are finding ways to contribute solutions during this  pandemic.

  • Manufacturing companies are retooling their machines to build ventilators.
  • Fashion designers and grandmothers are sewing face masks.
  • Distilleries are making hand sanitizer.
  • Uber Eats is offering free delivery.
  • Online tutorial companies, entertainment and museums offer free classes or tours

No one saw this pandemic coming, but it’s not stopping innovation. From the neighbors offering grocery store runs to the biotech companies working on vaccines, people are stepping up, finding those in need and fulfilling those needs.

Business Takeaway – Always look for ways to be innovative in your products and services.

“We’re in unprecedented times” – a phrase heard all too often now. You’re not alone in this unique circumstance. Use this time to reflect and refocus your business goals, your message and your customers. 

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