Content Marketing – More Than Blogs


Content marketing shares valuable information to your customers and potential customers. It’s main goals include: drive site traffic, obtain brand recognition and get your company viewed as trusted source of products and services.

Most businesses automatically think blogs are the best tool to move their content marketing strategy forward. While it is a great tool, it isn’t the only option.

Nearly 60% of businesses find content marketing challenging.  Here are a few tried and true marketing vehicles to ensure your business is viewed as a thought leader and innovator.

Newsletters & Outreach Messages

You thrive in your hospitality environment – live. So do your patrons. Staying connected with them after they leave your establishment is vital to your success.

Creating an email list and developing content to share with your customers may seem impossible, but it’s a lot more simple than you think. Most patrons are willing to provide their email address with the right kind if incentive and if they know relevant information will show up in their inbox.

Emails and newsletter content shouldn’t be a daunting task. Share what you know and love in way that makes your patrons feel connected to you and the results will be more interaction and more visits to your establishment.

It’s not enough to develop these gems. You must promote them through social media and your blog if they want to gain a sizable audience.


In an age where virtually everyone has a YouTube channel, your content better offer something customers can use.

Live feeds at your events or interviews with staff or patrons allow viewers a glimpse of what makes your establishment unique.

Businesses want the video content to engage customers, but these content pieces must be tracked and align with the overall marketing strategy.

According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), the future of video marketing tactics mean businesses must be able to measure the effectiveness and impact those campaigns had on your customers.


With all the new media formats available, some businesses may question if the old favorite is still effective.

With nearly 60% of B2B marketing campaigns using infographics in their strategy, it’s safe assume the tried and true tool remains influential.

Consumers are busy. One of the best ways to reach your audience is with visual content.

SMA Marketing’s article on the importance of infographics also states ‘high quality infographics are 30x more likely to be read than text’. Note, high quality – seek professional graphics help or try platforms like Canva to achieve a professional graphic.

A combination of these tools provides a well-rounded content marketing strategy outline for you business. Keep in mind, ideas must convert to sales. Once you know which tools will bring in customers, take the time for research and development, goals and trackers and calendar implementation.

Contact me to discuss how professional copywriting contributes to your content marketing strategy. 

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