Freelancers: An Expense or An Investment?

When small businesses think of hiring a freelancer for content marketing or website development, there is always hesitation.

While freelancers often enhance businesses, many view the hiring as an unnecessary expense. Let’s get over that initial balk and learn how hiring a outside writer can benefit your organization.

Take Off Your Writer Hat

As a small business, you and your team wear many hats to make the organization function smoothly. You’re the CEO, the mail sorter, the office manager, the event planner and the advertising team.

Decide if your marketing efforts need an in-house staff member or a boost from a professional writer. Many times, staff and freelancers work in tandem so the organization’s day-to-day operations are maintained.

Take off the writing hat and get a freelancer who focuses in content marketing and customer communications writing helps take your organization to the next level.

Bad Writing is Bad for Business

Just because you can write an email doesn’t mean you can develop an email campaign to drive drive traffic, increase revenue and build trust in your field.

Sure, no one knows your business better than you. However, if your message and your call to action aren’t clear or invoke reactions, your business won’t grow.

Hiring a freelance writer means getting the knowledge of an expert on an as-needed basis. Finding copywriters, graphic designers and SEO specialists is essential for presenting your organization in the best light to customers.

Hire a professional for the targeted projects and you can focus on the day-to-day operations.

Freelancers Save Money

Hiring a freelancer means your organization doesn’t provide office space, full salary and benefits or training time. Freelancers save organizations money  and provide high-quality work.

Freelancers are their own business and often work on referrals and networking which means we are always giving our best work to each client. We strive to exceed expectations and adhere to strict deadlines.

Copywriters know how to write in persuasive tones to elicit response. We know how to take jargon filled notes and produce compelling copy that hits your clients right in the pain points.

Freelance copywriters know how to engage with your customers so you become a trusted authority in your field.

Let’s talk more about how I can help your business in marketing copywriting, gain more site traffic and earn more clients.

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