You’ve Gotta Fight, For Your Right…to Thrive!

The hospitality service industry is brutal – not every restaurateur, bed and breakfast or microbrewery makes it. 

As a small business, going all in isn’t an option, it’s a MUST. Your reputation and growth depends on your unique ability make customers feel welcome, comfortable and coming back for more.

I’m a story teller. I help you get the attention you deserve from existing and potential clients, through building your brand story and voice then SING IT LOUD.

I work with you to create detailed marketing pieces and campaigns to increase your market reach, engage with customers and showcase your talent.  

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Creative Content Sells

Hard hitting sales pitches aren’t the only way to get customers.

Build and strengthen customer relationships with quality content and social interaction. 

Drive more traffic to your site with content targeted to your audience through social media, email marketing copy, press releases and newsletter content.

Get noticed with a website revamp and see audience engagement increase.


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I want your business to succeed.

Let’s work together to connect with your customers for genuine, long-term loyalty.

Your unique service + My expertise = Increased Customer Engagement & Sales

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Good Vibes

“I have known and worked with Melissa Bitter since 2001. She is an extremely talented writer.

She knows how to use words in such a way you actually visualize what she is writing.  Her work is engaging and she is always been meticulous and thorough and professional.  She produces copy that is well worked and planned to get the full attention of the reader.

I have always enjoyed reading her work and watching her from start to finish and come out with a polished product.”

Barbara Lewis, former editor at North County Suburban Journals in St. Louis, MO

Barbara Lewis

“Melissa has a great writing style that grabs your attention and gets to the point.

As a key member of our marketing & PR team, I was able to speak with her openly about our goals and objectives and she offered a variety of engaging copy to use in for various mediums – whether print, social media or online banner ads.

She works well with a team to keep everyone on target and always hits her deadlines.”

Natalie Bobila, Vice President of Sales & Marketing with Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc.

Natalie Bobila